Official Grakn Community announcements from the Grakn Warriors.


Discussions on how to set up and run Grakn in various environments, which includes, downloading, installing, starting, deploying, troubleshooting, and optimising Grakn for your operating system, as well as integrating with other software.


Discussions on how to model knowledge schema and rules in Grakn, which includes sharing, learning, debugging and optimising type definition, inheritance, abstraction, rule patterns, knowledge engineering principles, and overall knowledge model design.


Discussions on learning, debugging, optimising or sharing Graql queries, which includes defining/undefining schema, matching patterns, and insert, delete, get, aggregate, group and compute queries.

Client API

Discussions on installing, setting up, and using Grakn Client drivers in Java, Python, and Node.js, which includes sharing, learning, debugging and optimising the communication integration between your application and Grakn.


Discussions on querying, visualising, exploring and navigating the knowledge graph through Workbase for both data and schema, modelling and defining the schema, as well as troubleshooting any issues with Workbase.


Discussions on how to perform various database management tasks and responsibilities, which includes Users, Authentication, Keyspace, and Configuration management.


Discussions on Grakn KGMS Cloud deployments on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which includes setup, licensing, scaling, troubleshooting, optimising and support. NOTE: All KGMS Cloud users are entitled to Grakn Enterprise Support.


Discussions on learning, debugging, optimising and sharing how to migrate data to Grakn from various databases and data formats.


Discussions on problems, ideas, solutions and use cases of Grakn application as knowledge graph in any domains and industries.


Discussions on debugging unexpected behaviour from Grakn all setup and queries seem to be correct. If we confirm that the unexpected behaviour is indeed a bug or performance problem, a GitHub issue may need to be submitted with a clear problem statement and steps to reproduce.


Discussions on ideas, opinions, proposals, feature requests, wishlists, and anything you believe would help us improve our technology, service, communication and organisation as a whole. Ultimately: how we can all grow Grakn together!