Grakn Core1.4.2 has been unleashed! [General] (2)

Dear Grakn Community, Grakn Core 1.4.2 is now available! (This is a patch release for Grakn Core 1.4.0) When we released Grakn 1.4.0 with Windows support last week, we broke the distribution for a few Linux distros. :w…

Please Read: Question Guidelines [General] (3)

We welcome all types of questions and discussions. To get the most of this platform please consider the following guide lines: When To Ask a Question Are you having a problem or think you have found a bug? You have co…

Welcome to Grakn Discussion Forum! [General] (3)

Welcome to the Grakn discussion boards. This is the place for questions about setup, development, and anything else you can think of. We are an open source project - do take a look at our community page for more informat…

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