Grakn Core1.4.2 has been unleashed! (2)

Dear Grakn Community, Grakn Core 1.4.2 is now available! (This is a patch release for Grakn Core 1.4.0) When we released Grakn 1.4.0 with Windows support last week, we broke the distribution for a few Linux distros. :w…

Please Read: Question Guidelines (3)

We welcome all types of questions and discussions. To get the most of this platform please consider the following guide lines: When To Ask a Question Are you having a problem or think you have found a bug? You have co…

Welcome to Grakn Discussion Forum! (3)

Welcome to the Grakn discussion boards. This is the place for questions about setup, development, and anything else you can think of. We are an open source project - do take a look at our community page for more informat…

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