Adding Web Event Data from Google Tag Manager


Hello. This is my first post so I will introduce myself. My name is Tony O’Connell. I am an Irish man living in Thailand. I’m enchanted with internet marketing and elearning and how they intersect - for example how you can apply split testing techniques used in advertising to guide students along a learning journey - just like a marketer increases conversion rates from an ad to a sale.

Anyway, I’m researching the possibility to use GRAKN as a customer database and I would like to be able to send events taken by a customer on a website to GRAKN - so that I can track and optimise ROI on advertising, personalise content and view what actions individual customers undertake. A simple example would be to be able send data such as customer ID viewed this product and clicked add to cart.

I would like to collect these events via Google Tag Manager and create rules to fire them to GRAKN (perhaps using Webhooks?) I was wondering if anybody is doing something similar or if someone could suggest a good way to send data from Google Tag Manager to GRAKN.

Best wishes,



Hi Tony,

thanks for your interest in GRAKN.

I am not familiar with Google Tag Manager itself, but a general approach that might work for your use case would be:

  • create a web server that collects all the user events/info that you’re interested in (I am not sure if it is possible to send events to customised server with Google Tag Manager)

  • every time your server collects events from different websites it can then store all the useful informatin on GRAKN (we have different drivers for GRAKN, for example if you set up a Node.js server you will be able to use our node driver to insert and query your GRAKN db)

If you create meaninful rules in GRAKN you will then be able to extract new knowledge from user events and you will manage to optimise ROI, suggest new content for users, etc.

Hope that helps,



Hi Marko,

Yes with Google Tag Manager it is possible to send events to a customised server. I can send them to GRAKN via your node or python drivers. Sorry for not thanking you for your answer until now. I appreciate that you took the time to reply.

Best wishes,