Attributes judgment in the inference rule


i want to be like this:

“define test_rule sub rule
{$s isa fun has input_value $v;
$w isa fun has output_value $t;
$v val = $v1;
$t val = $v1;}
{($s, $t) isa test_relationship;};”
"$v" and “$t” are the different types of attributes. However, the does not support…


I think right now it is not possible insert that rule due to a bug:

I tried the same and Grakn silently failed to add the rule.

You can try a workaround that works (but is slower): if you want to state $a val =$b`, you can instead state

$a val contains $b; $b val contains $a;

I heard there will be a fix for this landing in the next release.