Compute qeuries not working



I’m having trouble getting compute queries to work.

Compute count seems to always return zero
compute count in Gene;
Result = 0
match $x isa Gene; aggregate count;
Result = 58243

Other compute queries don’t seem to work at all eg
compute centrality using degree;
does not return anything

I’m using grakn version 1.4.2. Any ideas what is happening?



Hi @craigm, is the issue reproducible? If yes, please create an issue here outlining how to reproduce the step:


Hi Ganesh

It’s reproducible on our end, but I don’t know if you would be able to reproduce it without our data. It seems to be related to the size of the database. If I try the compute queries on the example genealogy data, then they work as expected.

>>> compute centrality using degree;
32: {V122888}
2: {V86240, V180232, V86112, V49376, V200712, V163848, V41029736, V147464, V229472}
3: {V53336, V41042024, V90272, V94432}

>>> compute count in person;

Our dataset is a lot bigger. We have several entity types, each of which can have tens of thousands of instances ., and we have large numbers of relationships.
The issue does not seem to be OS-specific - it happens on MacOS and ubuntu 14.04