Deletion of Keyspaces doesn't remove them from the visualizer


I have set up a dev environment running on 3 systems; comprising a dedicated 0.17 instance, which stores data onto a pair of Cassandra hosts. I’m making excellent progress but have run into an issue having to do with housekeeping.

In the course of my development efforts I’ve created a number of test keyspaces. But, when I’m done with them, I would like to get rid of them so I don’t have a long line of test_1, test_2, etc. running down the side of my visualizer. In order to define replication factors and generally understand how Cassandra works with the graph db, I am using Datastax DevCenter to create these keyspaces. I do my work, and then again in DevCetner, drop the keyspaces. All is well, except!

When I go back into the visualizer, the keyspaces are still present on the list. Obviously they don’t exist anymore, and when I try to do a match query on it, I get back the expected errors. My still-existing keyspaces work fine.

So, how do I fully eradicate these test keyspaces? I tried restarting the service, as well as fully rebooting the server. Is there a value somewhere in graknsystem or grakn keyspaces I have to expunge? Is there a cache file being stored elsewhere on my graph server’s filesystem? Have I gone about this all wrong? Please advise.