Error: This transaction is read only


Hi. I’m using the python client. During one transaction, I execute a cluster query, then a couple queries like this:

match {$op id "V467176";};
            $op (bl: $bl);
            (bl: $bl, c: $point) isa in_fl;
            $point has name $ep_name;
            (parent: $unit, child: $point) isa parentship;
            $unit has name $cu_name;

I get an error on these queries:

"GraknTxOperationException-This transaction on graph [graph] is read only. Please check server logs for the stack trace."

Is this a bug? the relationship in_fl is inferred. None of the others are


This is a known issue:

In a nutshell if you query for an inferred concept and explicitly ask for its id, a virtual concept will need to be created hence the need for a WRITE operation.

In your case I suspect the offending pattern to be:
$op (bl: $bl);
It should be resolved in the current master (1.5-SNAPSHOT).