Error upon migrating a biomedical ontology from OWL to Grakn


I am trying to migrate the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) ( from OWL to Grakn, but I get an arity mismatch error:

Brams-MacBook-Pro:obi bram$ /Applications/grakn/bin/ owl -k "obi" -i obi.owl
Migrating data /path/to/obi/obi.owl using Grakn Engine localhost:4567 into graph obi
Arity mismatch when creating rule

The error message is pretty sparse so I was wondering what might cause the error and how I would go about resolving it. For instance, if it is caused by an inconsistency in the OWL file, what should I be looking for?

Migrating OWL to GRAKN

Hi sorry I am just cross posting here: The owl migrator is experimental at the moment and we are trying to find time to properly update it. Perhaps you could try a more custom migration using the XML migrator we provide:

Hopefully we will get round to updating it soon so that it works better, but thank you for reporting the problem.