Graql expresivity vs Graph Traversal


I’m wrapping my head around Grakn a little to understands its added value, in that journey I wonder if Graql is compiled or translated to gremlin traversal step ?

This makes me wonder about the difference of expressivity between Sparql and Graql, given that the former is until now not fully translated into Gremlin. It seems to be an open problem ? Is Graql fundamentally simpler than sparql and that would explain the fact that is it fully translated if that’s the case ? If not is there any limitation in translating it to gremlin steps at this point ?

If i am all wrong, I understand however that Graql translate to “Graph Traversal” (Tikerpop) instead of set and join as per Sparql algebra, which would explain the backends, and the choice anyway, as Traversal this is more performant overall and can do more than sparql i.e. it is turing complete. Graph distribution becomes also possible.

Is there a formal semantic or algebra of Graql. What is the expressive power of the language, is it Turing complete. Is there any publication or benchmark on the traversal steps that it generates ?