How to query the Rule that led to "inferred relationship"


Hi Grakn Team,

I would like to fetch some results using Graql from Grakn KG. I am able to write the query to find the required relationships, both direct and inferred, but along with it I also want to know the RULE details which actually led to the “inferred relationship” in the KG. I have multiple Rules defined so i would like to get the details of the exact Rule that got fired when the query matching the criteria of that Rule got executed.

As an example, consider there are 4 Rules - R1, R2, R3, R4 in the KG.
And the query which is executed on KG satisfies rule R2. Then in the output i need R2 details (label, conditions etc).

I have a use-case wherein i would like to show my client the power of Grakn Reasoner. From Grakn Visualizer i am able to see the “inferred relationships” by clicking on small circles but i need the Rule details in a query since we are performing lots of operations on query results, and showing many more details(other than related to KG) in our own UI.