Improving Error Messages


Hi Everyone,

We would like your help on improving our error messages. So if you could please put some messages on this thread which you fine confusing or difficult to understand that would be very helpful.

Bonus points for telling us how you got the error message :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.




Not exactly a confusing error message. But it would be nice to add a pre-flight check to grakn-dist that checks if JAVA_HOME is properly set. I just finished identifying an issue where I installed Java and set JAVA_HOME and the Storage would not come up. It was my error to begin with, but it took a long and frustrating time to identify the issue and I did not expect it to be JAVA_HOME, because grakn-dist itself was working fine and so I expected that I installed it correctly.

An alternative would be to update the documentation and link to a description that properly explains it (I am sure there are good links, I found a wrong one and it cost me a few days)


Not all errors happening during ./graql console -f filename.gql seem to get reported to the user. I was defining a rule that produced a validation error as @kasper confirmed via Slack. The issue got not reported to the user and it looked like everything went down fine. However, the whole schema was not comitted.


When inserting a relation with the same key it throws an exception saying could be a tad more descriptive for those not looking at trying to break Grakn = )


to be more descriptive I made 2 entities person and contact. 1 relationship relating them which had a key. I then inserted the person and contact. All goo I then inserted 1 relationship with a key “Key-1”, i then inserted a second relation ship with a key “Key-1” and commited which is where the picture starts…