Issues with csv migration - 0 statements loaded


I’m using the grakn 1.1 edition and was walking through the csv example (

So I loaded the schema and got the following output:
MacBook-Pro-3:grakn-dist-1.1.0 dhairya$ ./graql console -f cars_test/schema.gql -k cars
The visualizer confirmed the schema was loaded.

Next I attempted to migrate the cars.csv into the graph. The script ran fine but it didn’t load any of the rows.
here’s the outputs of the script below:
Migrating data /Users/dhairya/Documents/knowledge_graph/grakn-dist-1.1.0/./cars_test/cars.csv using Grakn Engine localhost:4567 into graph cars
Loaded 0 statements

I’m note sure whats going on. Here’s all the files I’m using:

1997,Ford,E350,“ac, abs, moon”,3000.00
1996,Jeep,Grand Cherokee,“MUST SELL! air, moon roof, loaded”,4799.00


car sub entity
has name
has year
has description
has price;

name sub attribute datatype string;
year sub attribute datatype string;
description sub attribute datatype string;
price sub attribute datatype double;


$x isa car
has name @concat(, “-”, )
has year
has price @double()
if ( != “”) do { has description };

Side note: it also looks like the none of the examples in the examples folder have been updated. For example all the ontology.gql files in examples use insert instead of define which causes the initial loading to fail.