Migrate csv with additional field/constant



I am using the migrate function to import csv data, but need to add a few values for each migration to apply to all the records. I’m currently looking at templating the migrate gql and creating a custom temp file for each migrate process. But ideally I’d like to be able to specify some parameters on the command line for the migrate process to pick up and insert.

Is this possible/on the roadmap?




hi @nathan.johnson!

I didn’t quite get the problem you are describing. Can you give some code samples and examples of commands that you were thinking of?


Hi Haikal

Thanks for getting back to me. So we have some csv file we want to load, but for each row in the cv we’d like to associate another field/attribute during the load. These values would be the same for each row. Rather than messing with the file and altering each row to contain the redundant data , I’d like to be able to specify the values just once on the command line.

Does that make sense?