Migrating OWL to GRAKN


First thanks for a great tool, it looks very promising and I would really like to be able to use it in our project. We wanted to keep our ontology in OWL standard and migrate it to GRAKN as needed.
First things first when I try the family example migration on the command line, it says it is successful but does not terminate. Where is the created graph? Is it in memory, or shall it save into a file? Next when I try to migrate my owl I get an “Arity mismatch when creating rule” message, which I also found in this thread:

So it seems OWL migration is not mature yet. The advice is to XML migration instead, but this requires writing a template, which kinds of defies the point of having an OWL in the first place. Not sure where to go from there.
I think my question would be: when do you plan to have a working version of OWL migration?


Hi @sheepish, unfortunately we have dropped our automatic OWL migration tool in the upcoming release, so not in the immediate future. This is because OWL assumption are very different from our own and this makes writing an automatic tool basically useless but for very simple cases. We are evaluating the idea of adding a JSON-LD migrator (which as far as I know could act as an intermediate step from OWL) but I do not have a timeline at the moment.


Hey @miko, would you please care to elaborate a bit on

OWL assumptions are very different from our own

Where does OWL concepts differ from those of Grakn (ontology) and why? Thanks!