Migrating XML data


A question came up on slack about migrating RDF. Although we cannot do this natively right now. We do have an experimental xml migrator, if the RDF data is in that format.


Here is a simple example…

Download this example data: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/plant_catalog.xml

Add this ontology to the graph:


plant sub entity
	has common
	has botanical
	has zone
	has light
	has price
	has availability;

name sub resource datatype string;
common sub name;
botanical sub name;
zone sub resource datatype string;
light sub resource datatype string;
price sub resource datatype double;
availability sub resource datatype long;

and then using this xml template:


$plant isa plant
	has common <COMMON.textContent>
	has botanical <BOTANICAL.textContent>
	has zone <ZONE.textContent>
	has light <LIGHT.textContent>
	has availability @long(<AVAILABILITY.textContent>);

migrate using this command:

migration.sh xml -i plant_catalog.xml -e PLANT -k plants -t plant-template.gql

where plant-template.gql is the file containing the migration template. We will work on documenting this feature in a future release.


Thanks for sharing !