Minimal System Requirements


Hi All,

I’m in the process to configure my dev testing environment, and I would like to know, what are the minimum system specs, you guys recommend, to run a single node instance of GRAKN, thanks!


Hi @Pegazux!

For a dev environment, you might just want to run the Grakn bundle directly from GitHub with “ start” - this will start Grakn + Cassandra and should need no more than 2GB of memory. 1 CPU core might be enough but you will find it is quite slow when querying a non trivial dataset.

Our recommendation would be to have 4 cores, 8GB of memory and SSD drives.

Hope that helps!


Sorry, that’s for a “Good” dev/test environment or for production?


That is for an ideal dev/test environment or alternatively a minimum production env.

A recommended production env would involve multiple Grakn instances with a clustered Cassandra and separate Zookeeper/Kafka. You can find a brief guide on our docs portal.


Great, thanks for your time!