Model this example by grakn


i have some problems with implement my model in grakn. i need help .i think by your help to implement the small following example , all my problems will be solved.
the example ::

bob is actor
foo is film
bob played in foo
alice is director
alice is actress too.
alice directed foo
alice played in foo as actress
kate is singer
john is composer

bar is music album name
kate is singer of bar and john is composer of bar.
adam is president

art is topic
cinema is topic
cinema is a kind of art
music is an art

directing film relates to cinema and then relates to art
composing relate to music.

thank you



If you check here you can find a detailed movie ontology we created here at Grakn. This might act as a guide or you can modify it to model your domain more closely.



thank you @sheldon .it is a good example


hi @sheldon
insert small-dataset that contain 7000 query take 4 hours to execute . is it ok ? it is very slow !!!



I just tried to reproduce your issue with version 0.12 and I get this result

 time ./ -b ~/Repos/sample-datasets/movies/small-dataset/movie-data.gql 

real	4m42.635s
user	1m50.843s
sys	0m5.742s

The only thing I can think of that may have cause this is if you used the wrong argument for Graql. You can see I used the -b option that loads in parallel, as opposed to -f which loads all the data in a single transaction.



thank you @sheldon by -b it is ok