Running the python migration script, using Grakn Core version 1.5.0 I encounter the error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘grakn.client’. Any work around this? I have python installed alright



which migration script are you running?

Have you updated your Python client to the latest version?
You will need it to work with Grakn 1.5


Thanks @Marco, I have updated Python client to the latest version but still have the error preventing migrator to run



have you updated the import statement and the APIs?
you can check how to use the new version of the client here


@Marco, thats also up to date and am using the latest version of the client as per the website you provided here


Can you check if grakn-client is installed by running pip show grakn-client. If grakn-client isn’t found, please run pip install grakn-client. I suspect you may have installed an older version that was previously named grakn.