Not able to run command ./grakn server start on cmd Windows



I have followed the Setup Guide:

JAVA_HOME is set up.

  1. Downloaded Grakn
  2. Unzipped to C:\

Opening CMD and running follwoing command:

cd C:\grakn
grakn server start

Is not working. Error message “grakn is not reconized as an internal or external command, operable program og batch file”.

Have tried to setup Path C:\grakn in system variables, still not working.



At the moment we only support Linus and OS X:

If Windows is your only option, you can try our Docker image: Be mindful that this Docker image isn’t for production and there is currently a known issue with our compute query.


Hi ganeshwara,

Thank you for the info. Will there be a version for Windows in the near future?


We are concentrating our effort toward Linux and OS X, for the foreseeable future.