Query across keyspaces



Could somebody provide an example to query across keyspaces? Or should keyspaces be virtually combined, how?

Many thanks. Greetings


Hi @jehol,

there is no way to query across different keyspaces as they are different databases.


Thanks for the answer. I was hoping there is a possibility to query a federation of keyspaces which would be built from different domains and allow to keep the modeling independent. Ok, I will experiment with one keyspace by combining different domain resources.


This is by design. If things are related, they should be modelled within a single keyspace.


Yes, I can understand that you have to make a choice.

Note, I have two domains (e.g. biology and chemistry) and within each domain you have a specific focus and resolution of the used concepts. Generally, you would answer questions within each domain whereas there are also complex questions across those domains. How would you deal with this kind of complexity using Grakn.

Many thanks.