Running Grakn with a different Tinkerpop/Gremlin DB?


Can I run Grakn with a different Tinkerpop/Gremlin DB? Specifically I have a Blazegraph and I want to try the Grakn stack on top of it. Is there documentation how to exchange the DB connection?


Hi @oswin, It should be possible to integrate with other databases that has a TinkerPop interface. However, we don’t have it in our roadmap to integrate with Blazegraph. But given that GRAKN.AI is an open source project, you are more than welcome to help is do the integration and submit a Pull Request to contribute it to the project. Let us know if you plan to do so any need any help!


I want to ask the same question, what about using Grakn with Azure Cosmos DB Graph database?


Hi @Mrenner,
as Haikal said above, it is technically possible to integrate with any DB that implements the TinkerPop 3 interface, but GRAKN is its own Database, so it is not at the moment in our roadmap to integrate with new databases. Once again, as an open source project we are more than willing to accept contribution from our community.

If you have any plans be sure to let us know as we will be super happy to help!


If I wanted to hook Grakn up to a Gremlin/Tinkerpop compliant store, where would I start looking? Is it purely a configuration thing or do you need to write adapter?


You would need to write another Adapter. You would need to implement TxFactory and extend GraknTxAbstract. You can look the following for reference:

  • TxFactoryTinker and GraknTxTinker
  • TxFactoryJanus and GraknTxJanus