Update Docker Image to 1.0.0


The Docker Image at https://hub.docker.com/r/graknlabs/grakn/ needs to be updated to 1.0.0.


i hope it’s okay to bump this. if you would open source the dockerfile for Grakn, i could attempt to update it on my own.


With the release of Grakn 1.1.0 it seems more apparent the Docker image isn’t being maintained. I second Tomen in that the Dockerfile should be open sourced so it can be better maintained.


I agree! I’ve been trying to build a Docker image myself but I’m still trying to figure out how to run it since it seems that docker kills the machine after the grakn server start command finishes the startup in the background.


First time making a Dockerfile so doesn’t work perfectly but if you’re using Docker Toolbox (which I imagine you are if you aren’t running the local Grakn distribution) you can try out: https://github.com/BFergerson/grakn-docker-toolbox.

So far everything seems to work except restarting the container. You have to delete it and recreate it for it to work again. Will fix it when I figure out what it is. Likely the fact that I’m using /etc/bash.bashrc to keep Grakn in the foreground.


Hi @BFergerson
Any update on that? The docker image is very useful as I’m trying to use grakn in Windows. But besides the problem you pointed, I’m not getting how to persist my database. I run a container, create an keyspace with data. But when I need to stop the container e re-run again, my keyspace is not visible anymore…Some ideas on that?
Thanks for the work and for sharing,


Hello @elymatos, there is a PR by another Grakn member (can’t find him on the forum) here: https://github.com/BFergerson/grakn-docker-toolbox/pull/2. I wasn’t able to get it to work successfully so I haven’t merged it yet. It’s worth a shot though. If you can get it working I’ll definitely try to get it merged in.

Also, I don’t fully understand why you need to restart the container at any point during your process. Ideally you would simply keep the container running the whole time during development. You would only restart it when you actually wish to clear the keyspace. Perhaps you can explain why you need to restart the container?