Using Graql written match queries in Java API


Hi Team,
I am looking at a use case of automating Analyst written GraQL queries. I am under the impression using Java API is the only way automate GraQL queries. Also, this means that a developer need to translate the GraQL queries used in UI, to be curated in a fashion accepted by the JavaAPI .In Correlation, a SQL created by an Analyst would be used as such in a traditional App, with just cosmetic formats.

Kindly let me know the recommended way to implement this use case.

Thank You


Hi Sudharashan,

Are your analysts writing the Graql queries?

If they are, then the Java API can help you translate those query strings into Java objects, e.g.:

Query query = Graql.parse(queryString);


Hi @felix,
Yes, our analysts write GraQL queries.We are just looking for ways to automate few tasks, based on the written GraQL queries .Thanks for the tip on the parser. Guess, i did not stumble on it in any documentation.
Let me try the code and update you on any help required.

Thank You